Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mother's Day 2012


This Mother's Day 2012 is the second year that I have been receiving greetings from my family & friends.  Though it wasn't really celebrated in Russia, my husband treated me & my mom to a Zoo Escapade at Avilon Zoo-Montalban, Rizal.  We were with our 19months old baby girl & our new found Russian friend Slava.
Petting Encounter with the Exotic Birds.  Priceless!!!
The experience is wonderful!  I just love being close to nature.  Avilon is not just an average zoo but a park as well.  There are trees all over the place & the cages are well maintained.  No trash around.  Not a single litter you will find.  It’s how it must be, aye!? 
Nastja & Papa, feeding the hippo ^_^
Though this is our second Avilon experience, it has not failed me to enjoy it ones more.  I love the close encounter experience with the exotic birds, snake & monkey.  There is just this pleasing mood that brings these magnificent creatures when I get to tad & pet them.  Feeding the school Koi & the Arapaima (kinds of fish) are just marvellous as well. 
Koi feeding :)
Meanwhile, my daughter is very uncertain with the close encounter involvement with these animals.  She’s just so astonished when she gets to be so near them.  My husband has tried to show her how to feed the ducks, but she’s just so cautious.  She kept her aloofness & was just observing.  Guess it is normal at her age though.  
Papa showing Nastja how to feed the duck ^_^
In deed, it has been a fun & unforgettable mother's day celebration!

Visit Avilon Zoo at Montalban, Rizal! Be entertained, learn, and care about the animals!