Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mother's Day 2012


This Mother's Day 2012 is the second year that I have been receiving greetings from my family & friends.  Though it wasn't really celebrated in Russia, my husband treated me & my mom to a Zoo Escapade at Avilon Zoo-Montalban, Rizal.  We were with our 19months old baby girl & our new found Russian friend Slava.
Petting Encounter with the Exotic Birds.  Priceless!!!
The experience is wonderful!  I just love being close to nature.  Avilon is not just an average zoo but a park as well.  There are trees all over the place & the cages are well maintained.  No trash around.  Not a single litter you will find.  It’s how it must be, aye!? 
Nastja & Papa, feeding the hippo ^_^
Though this is our second Avilon experience, it has not failed me to enjoy it ones more.  I love the close encounter experience with the exotic birds, snake & monkey.  There is just this pleasing mood that brings these magnificent creatures when I get to tad & pet them.  Feeding the school Koi & the Arapaima (kinds of fish) are just marvellous as well. 
Koi feeding :)
Meanwhile, my daughter is very uncertain with the close encounter involvement with these animals.  She’s just so astonished when she gets to be so near them.  My husband has tried to show her how to feed the ducks, but she’s just so cautious.  She kept her aloofness & was just observing.  Guess it is normal at her age though.  
Papa showing Nastja how to feed the duck ^_^
In deed, it has been a fun & unforgettable mother's day celebration!

Visit Avilon Zoo at Montalban, Rizal! Be entertained, learn, and care about the animals!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Poem: A Mother's Love


Nastja @ 2mons
Adorable, charming, lovable and endearing
My sunshine when I wake up in the morning

Nastja @ 5mons
Nicest creation I have ever felt and seen
My undying inspiration, have always been
After all the delay & long wait
That you my princess will God create 
Surely has the Almighty knows in time
When an angel is needed to me mine
Nastja @ 18mons
Triumphant I might become
When life at sea I chose to roam
Afraid this chance might be unknown
Sweetly now I cherish as a queen’s crown

Nastja @ 17mons.. 1st river bath experience @ Bohol
Surely I am, will never replace
Any role in this world I could face
In-charge of a precious life you have
Making me complete & an empowered woman
Nastja @ 18mons.. 1st walk on the aisle as a flower girl
Joy in my heart you bring
Existence of mine has come so clear
All compassion & love I’ll be giving
Forever I’ll be your friend & mother, my dear!

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Yogurt! My daughter's No. 1 snack!


Just as my 19 months old daughter start's her day, she'll immediately ask me to open the refrigerator for a pack of yogurt drink.  So I make it sure that we always have a stock of either Alaska Yoghurt Drink or Dutch Mill.  In their absence, I always result to Yakult as a replacement.  Great thing she never refuses it as well.


Meanwhile, to fill her up during snack time, mostly I give her a small cup of yogurt.  What's nice about yogurt, she never ever lost her appetite on meal time.  I even found it better than any kind of biscuit & bread.  She's happy that it's truly delicious & I am over joyed that it is greatly healthy & beneficial for my baby.

Nestle fruit selection yogurt -  Melon Flavor is perfect for her pallet.  It's so tropical & flavorful.  It's Nata de Coco bits adds up the fun in eating it for it's crunch that even I just can't resist to munch on.

Yogurt is a great source of protein! Because of it's culturing process, the protein is easily digested!

Important questions & answers:

1.  When Can My Baby Start to Eat Yogurt?

Most pediatricians recommend starting your infant on Yogurt around 7-8 months of age. Some pediatricians also recommend yogurt as a great first food (from 6 months+).  Selecting a Whole Milk Yogurt is the most beneficial to your infant as babies need fats in their diets for proper growth.

2.  So why do doctors say "No Dairy Until After 1 Year" if Yogurt and Cheese are Ok?

The medical community fears that parents may stop formula/breastfeeding and start their kids on whole cow milk earlier than 1 year old - unless they were told not to. Many pediatricians do not explain that yogurt and cheese are ok for your baby from 8 months old and on.

3.  Why is it ok to give my baby Yogurt (and Cheese) before she is 1 year old? Is there something special about the dairy aspect of yogurt and cheese?

Yogurt and cheese are a bit special when it comes to introducing these 2 foods considering that they are dairy products.
While there is no great magical mystery in Yogurt or Cheese, the most common reasons for yogurt and cheese being fine to introduce to a baby prior to the age of 1 year old are:

- Unlike Whole Cow Milk beverage, your baby is not at risk of formula/breast milk being replaced by Yogurt or Cheese.

- The medical community worries that if Whole Cow milk is introduced to an infant prior to 1 year old, that parents would stop formula and/or breastfeeding and use Milk as the replacement. This would possibly be dangerous to your baby's health! They, however, neglect to specify the difference between baby drinking milk and eating yogurt and/or cheese.

- Lactose is broken down with the culturing of the yogurt or cheese and milk proteins are either semi-removed or limited. The culturing makes yogurt and cheese easier to digest. Many people with lactose intolerance often are be able to eat cheese and/or yogurt without trouble. The same is often true for some people with a milk protein (either to the casein or the whey) allergy.


No.1 "My Baby Girl's Favorite Viand"

Pangasius Fish Fillet
with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

3tbsp - Sunflower oil (or any cooking oil)
2tbsp - minced Onion
Pangasius fish fillet
2tbsp - minced Garlic
1 thumb size - Ginger (cut into half & pressed)
1pc - Pangasius Fish Fillet or any white fish (cut into desired size)
1pc - medium Red Bell Pepper
200g - fresh Broccoli
3-5tbsp - Oyster Sauce
1tbsp - Butter (optional 1)
1tsp - Flour (optional 2)
1/2 cup - Water

"My 1 & half year old daughter's plate"

How To Do:
In a heated pan with sunflower oil, add onions.  When half way done, add garlic & ginger.   Cook until browned.  Add fish fillet. Only after a minute, add broccoli & bell pepper.  2 minutes later, add oyster sauce & water.  Cover for another 1 minute and it's done.  (Optional)  Add butter OR roux [mixture of water & flour] to thicken the sauce.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012




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Поэма (A Poem)


Digging through life
Excavating too high
being a wife
Will be looser when shy

Spouse I must be the first
Mom I can’t be the worst
Family is my primary
Calling in this society

Have I thought to give up?
Have I felt it is done?
Affirmative! In my mind popped
Patience I must, so it is gone

In Him I trust
All hurt and unjust
Healing power of prayers
Faithfully stooped a kneeler  

When happiness is at stake
Love to invest must be great
Disappointments and pains
Part of all that we gain

Restlessly I close my door
Times a lot and plentiful
Want to leave my boat and oars
Wake up myself, be careful

In the peak of my everyday
My love and my passion ascends
To keep myself joyful and gay
Barring all negatives to end

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Nastja (17mons) with Mama at Mag-Aso Falls, Bohol