Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Поэма (A Poem)


Digging through life
Excavating too high
being a wife
Will be looser when shy

Spouse I must be the first
Mom I can’t be the worst
Family is my primary
Calling in this society

Have I thought to give up?
Have I felt it is done?
Affirmative! In my mind popped
Patience I must, so it is gone

In Him I trust
All hurt and unjust
Healing power of prayers
Faithfully stooped a kneeler  

When happiness is at stake
Love to invest must be great
Disappointments and pains
Part of all that we gain

Restlessly I close my door
Times a lot and plentiful
Want to leave my boat and oars
Wake up myself, be careful

In the peak of my everyday
My love and my passion ascends
To keep myself joyful and gay
Barring all negatives to end

STARTED:  13Mar2012 (00:15mn)
FINISHED:  13Mar2012(17:05pm)

Nastja (17mons) with Mama at Mag-Aso Falls, Bohol

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