Friday, May 11, 2012

A Poem: A Mother's Love


Nastja @ 2mons
Adorable, charming, lovable and endearing
My sunshine when I wake up in the morning

Nastja @ 5mons
Nicest creation I have ever felt and seen
My undying inspiration, have always been
After all the delay & long wait
That you my princess will God create 
Surely has the Almighty knows in time
When an angel is needed to me mine
Nastja @ 18mons
Triumphant I might become
When life at sea I chose to roam
Afraid this chance might be unknown
Sweetly now I cherish as a queen’s crown

Nastja @ 17mons.. 1st river bath experience @ Bohol
Surely I am, will never replace
Any role in this world I could face
In-charge of a precious life you have
Making me complete & an empowered woman
Nastja @ 18mons.. 1st walk on the aisle as a flower girl
Joy in my heart you bring
Existence of mine has come so clear
All compassion & love I’ll be giving
Forever I’ll be your friend & mother, my dear!

Started:  14Mar2012 (15:45pm)
Ended:  12May2012 (12:12am) 

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